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How to participate

Simply put your Paper and Cardboard into your Ronnie Bag (If you don't have one, stack your paper & cardboard under a brick) and leave it on your Kerbside pavement before 7:30am on your collection day. Mpact Recycling will provide Ronnie Bags to residents who currently do not have one. All Ronnie Bags will be returned to residents by throwing them over the driveway gate. All Kerbside Paper Pick-Up collections are done by small business owner drivers who are contracted to Mpact Recycling.

For every ton of paper collected via this programme Mpact Recycling makes a generous donation to both SPCA and Hospice.

Collection Days

23 April    2014

30 April    2014

7 May    2014

14 May    2014

21 May    2014

28 May    2014

4 June    2014

11 June    2014

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